The Value of Editing

The three basic tasks:

̃ Format the body of the document:       

Placement, spacing, and style of margins, headings and subheadings, fonts, lines, page numbers, and sections;

̃ Copyedit:

Sentence structure, matching of nouns and verbs, sense and syntax,

Format of footnotes: placement, spacing, and fonts;

̃ Two Consultations

Conversations or e-mails to plan the editing project and to address questions that arise or clarifications during editing.

Each publishing project is unique and requires a distinctive set of tasks from an editor.  Thus the costs of each projects is negotiated individually.




Three editing tasks are basic to all manuscripts.

A number of other editing tasks can polish your publishing project and make it more accessible and helpful to your readers.


EditArts will work with you on the basic editing tasks or on all necessary editing.  Let us know how we can work together!

Additional important tasks, billed separately:


̃ Creating Front and Back Material

̃ Creating a Table of Contents, Bibliography, or Index

̃ Creating Footnotes

̃ Content Advising

̃ Requesting  Copyright Permissions

̃ Rewriting or Ghost Writing

̃ Proofreading a completed manuscript


EFA* rate equivalent



EFA rate equivalent



EFA rate equivalent




EditArts provides editing services  for  disciplines such as theology, history, biography, psychology, and music.

Specializing in editing for Liberal Arts publications

Joyce Krauser provided exemplary editorial guidance.

Ronald J. Allen

John C. Holbert

*EFA - Editorial Freelancers Association delineates common rate ranges for basic copyediting, heavy copyediting, substantive or line editing, layout, indexing, project management, proofreading, and research.


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