EditArts has a rich history of editing scholarly books and publications, multi-authored projects, and multimedia presentations within a broad range of topics:

Ů history and biography,

Ů psychology and counseling,

Ů aesthetics and the arts,

Ů theology and the church,

Ů health industry marketing,

Ů nonprofit mission statements and grant and program guidelines.

EditArts has overseen editorial work on two encyclopedia projects and a Dictionary project and has edited four academic websites, as well as dissertations for five major universities.

EditArts has collaborated on projects for numerous publishing companies, including Oxford University Press, Abingdon, Chalice Press, Peter Lang Publishing, Guild Press, Eerdmans, XYZZY Press, and Westminster John Knox. Press

EditArts has provided numerous feature articles and reviews for Arts Indiana, The Episcopal Tidings, and the Episcopal New Yorker Magazine. .


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EditArts provides editing servicesá forá disciplines such as theology, history, biography, psychology, and music.

Specializing in editing for Liberal Arts publications

Professional Experience